Starry-Eyed Dreamer (starsnhereyes) wrote in fat_cat_club,
Starry-Eyed Dreamer

I insisted on sleeping in my peeople person's underwear drawer. I barily fit but it's nice and silky. She leaves it part way open so I can see out but someone has to open it all the way for me to leave. I have a silk pantie fetish.

My people person trimmed my back toe nails. I chew them otherwise.

We changed cat food. This one is MUCH smellier and I like it better. The old one was something called "diet" and a word they apply mostly to my food and not their food: "healthy". "Diet" and "healthy" mean "tasteless" and "yucky". Those words also mean smaller servings.

I do not understand this because my People-person rubbed her face on my tummy, called me fat and told me I am beautiful. This is obviously a good things and shows my people-person is intellegent, as people go. No "diet" food or "healthiness" is needed.

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