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yay for fat cats! 
04:32am 03/11/2004
  ok, it was not my intent to post such racy pics, but he absolutely insisted!
he thinks hes sooo hot!Collapse )
2Wanted to pet the kittySuch a cute cat...
*scratches out eyes of badly trained people-person (probably owned by a DOG) who posted rudely* 
09:23pm 09/10/2004
  Oh yeah, I don't have claws. I will sit on his or her sandwich and shed butt fur.

I got closed into the underwear drawer. This was tramatic. Now I smell funny and scented. However I have been fed a lot and I am passified.

Such a cute cat...
03:15am 22/09/2004
  Books for PuddytatsCollapse )

4Wanted to pet the kittySuch a cute cat...
04:17pm 19/09/2004
  i'm sitting on mommaslap...trying to get her other hand...cause....it isn't touching my...it's touching something big and grey

i kissed her chin

i got to sleep in mommas room where we are now

mmmm petting!

she called me "fat" and a "hobo" but...then she kissed my nose

mmm *snuggle**purr*
Such a cute cat...
05:21pm 17/09/2004
  My most severe current problem is that all the counters in the house have gotten higher. I believe this was done purposely by my person in order to justify her attempts to starve me. She has a bony ass. She is just jealous.

I ran and gracefully leap only to bump my head on the side 3/4 of the way up ( well maybe 1/2 way) and slide down the side of the kitchen island and land, delicately of course, on my round bumbum. I also keep falling off things while I'm sleeping. My tummmy pulls me over the edge.

And what is the stupid myth about cats always landing on their feet. I do not always land on my feet. I land on whatever in convient. I do this on purpose.

I sat on my persons face this morning to make her wake up and feed me. Then I tried to give her CPR because I think I almost killed her.

This is me.

4Wanted to pet the kittySuch a cute cat...
05:42pm 17/09/2004
  yay for plastic sting things! i like attacking them

but the guy-man-person dosn't like that.

momma lady wont feed me. so i rub against her feet till she feeds me.

she never does...so i bite her...then she pokes me head and says "NO" really loud

it made me sad..so i ran away...

i like her closet. it smells like shoes
Such a cute cat...
Traumatized cat... 
09:19am 21/08/2004
mood: amused
Umm...There was a big scary noises outside...
Then me and mama went to a new house thing now...I know the lady with the bangs so its not that bad...

I'm only allowed in parta the house, they won't let me in the other half...

I'm mad at my other parents because they left us.

I want my house back...

Oooh! Look at the moth!

I want to eat that moth...
Such a cute cat...
05:51pm 28/07/2004
mood: hungry
the lady won't let me in her room..

and when i get in her room...she dosn't let me out

she gives me cuddles and scratches! yay for that

aww i just saw her! she picked me up and called me "fat" again.

then i saw spooky...damn i want her..she let me smell her head

then the lady did a hand thingy and went away
Such a cute cat...
04:07pm 28/07/2004
mood: playful

I slept under mama's covers last night, and she kept kickin me. So I attacked her hand thing....

She got angry...so I left...

Right now mama has me up on her lap and I'm swatting this big black thing that has a buncha white writing on it.
She doesn't seem to like that because she hit my paw...

I will just nuzzle in her boobs.

Such a cute cat...
07:15pm 27/07/2004
  *rawr* everything is in the room...by the door thing . i like the boxes...they're fun to sit on! but i got yelled at for sitting on one of them...

my owner lady kept calling me "fat" i dunno what that means...she also said "diet" i don't like that

then she started to help a stringy thing attack spooky! no one attacks my baby! so i watched...to see what would happen..then it stoped...and it just laid on spooky.. i laid down and twitched my tail...

then spooky and i went into the empty room and just looked at it...

the lady keeps waking me up to kiss my nose!

but she gives me treats...so it's ok
3Wanted to pet the kittySuch a cute cat...