Starry-Eyed Dreamer (starsnhereyes) wrote in fat_cat_club,
Starry-Eyed Dreamer

I insisted on sleeping in my peeople person's underwear drawer. I barily fit but it's nice and silky. She leaves it part way open so I can see out but someone has to open it all the way for me to leave. I have a silk pantie fetish.

My people person trimmed my back toe nails. I chew them otherwise.

We changed cat food. This one is MUCH smellier and I like it better. The old one was something called "diet" and a word they apply mostly to my food and not their food: "healthy". "Diet" and "healthy" mean "tasteless" and "yucky". Those words also mean smaller servings.

I do not understand this because my People-person rubbed her face on my tummy, called me fat and told me I am beautiful. This is obviously a good things and shows my people-person is intellegent, as people go. No "diet" food or "healthiness" is needed.

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PS, you need a life. kthxbye.
Going around READING random journals which you think are lame and then bothering to post is a lot sadder than occational posting things one thinks one's cat might say for laughs. ^_^
K, if you want to go around commenting in communities...fine...cause that is:
1) Moronic and pointless, we do this for shits and giggles. We don't actually think we're cats.
2) Sad and pathetic on your part. We didn't send you here. We didn't tell you to read it.

Stop looking for random communties.
Meooooooooooow Sexy kitty has claws :D

I just always wanted to say that to you, Doll.